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03   /   2019

Full overhaul of a Parisian flat

This lovely and bright 1920s flat with a view in Montmartre is composed of wht used to be two studios, resulting in a combined surface of 74 sqm. The happy buyers saw the potential beyond its tortuous walls, small rooms and doublons. It sat on a floor free of any supporting walls and, although it was found in a good state of upkeep, it was rather dated and in need of an upgrade.

So we knocked evereything down, so much so that we ended up with an empty shell, stripped to the bone, on an empty floor. And we started it all over again.

The happy buyers missionned us with opening up space, re-shaping it to fit with modern day living and letting the light in. So we moved every old pipe which used to whirl around the old walls, be it gas, water, the old electrics. Beautiful original cast iron radiators were sent off to be restored and refurbished.

We exposed as much of the original concrete structure and the original brickwork as we could uncover. That gave the whole place a positive kick. A large open-plan living area was designeed to face the bow-window. The old bathroom transformed into an elegant, functional and compact open-plan kitchen with beautiful cement tiles to tie in with the building’s period.

A spare room/ office was created. A walk-in wardrobe leads to the superb parental bedroom, fitted with tall bespoke cabinets ; here wallcoverings and wallpaper, carefully selected handles and wall-mounted lights contribute towards rendering this inviting, calm and bright atmosphere.

The classy bathroom was designed to allow two simultaneous users with two showers, two sinks, a heated mirror and underfloor heating.

To top it all up, we fitted air conditionning and hid it in the bespoke furniture and ceilings. To conceal it all, we even held hands with our local craftsmen to design and deliver a stunning facetted ceiling in the entry hall which is revealed all day long by the lights and shadows cast on it as the day light moves and changes.