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04   /   2010

Complete renovation of a 1880 Victorian terrace house

This quaint little Victorian house might have never been rebuilt after the Blitz, if not for the need to buttress the adjacent terrace houses and prevent the collapse of the entire street. Yet it remained a mere efficient and made-in-a-hurry job for over sixty years until, in 2007, it was acquired by an art and history enthusiast who set off to reintroduce the whole pack of lovely period features to this best-in-the-street renovation.

So we went out and found what the 1880’s had best to offer: old reclaimed wooden floors, period moulding replicas, dado rails, door framings, reclaimed doors, restored windows. We split the third bedroom into two with an awesome modern bathroom and an open, bright and airy walk-in wardrobe. The kitchen was remodeled with Bath slate floors, wooden cabinets, glass splashbacks. We even got two reclaimed authentic marble fireplaces and fitted them with gasfire. The icing on the cake was achieved with Farrow & Ball colours in a chalky finish. The cherry on that cake was the redesign of the garden into a functional, welcoming and easy entertaining area.

And all space was revealed.