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COUNTRY HOME, South of France

 06   /   2014

A simple upgrade on the surface for this large and sunny country home with a view.

After their acquisition in 2014, the new owners charged us with a mission to re-energise the interior space and provide more outdoor space, with a new landscaped vantage point overlooking Mount Ventoux and the Côtes du Rhône valley.

Out with the 1990s (goodbye yellow) and in with the new, wooden doors were painted white, the entire colour scheme was revamped, wallpaper was used to emphasise to highlight perspectives and depths, art from local artists was sourced, furniture and fittings were either given away to charity or repainted with a kick, new lighting, new furniture and all is revealed.

Outside we created a landscaped dry garden with local rustic Mediterranean plants and evergreens, all of which flowering ones to bring in the bees, planted along a gravel path which circulates around the spanking new wooden deck area. The perfect spot for sunset and its pink lights.