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Christophe is a Franco-Portuguese man in his fourties. Born of Portuguese parents in Nismes, known both as the statistically warmest city in Southern France and most remarkably for its Roman heritage sites. The imprint on him left by the surrounding millennial architecture and culture of centuries-old street festivals is met equally by the optimism, enthusiasm and conquering temperament of Iberians.

Passionate, open and curious of one and the other thing, he engaged from a very young age into a methodic and resolute itinerary beyond boundaries. He speaks four languages, has lived in Lisbon, London and Paris, he moved homes 13 times.

Some say he is both the orchestra and the conductor, a tenacious and meticulous yet energetic, and creative person. With a pencil he seeks ways to express more, innovate and further the freshness of his designs. With Daddy Said No, he draws opened-up spaces which are no less enveloping, gives a sense of height in small rooms, breaks lines, multiplies curves, he frees places and all makes sense.

Aged thirteen he had taught himself tech drawing by secretly going through the construction documents of his father’s trade, not only could he read floorplans, he had already produced numerous versions of pleasant homes with a strong twist of freedom. When he set his mind on becoming an architect in a scarce local market, daddy said no. Instead he managed export zones in the textile industry, led teams of negotiators and compliance assurance specialists in a British business bank.

Nevertheless he travelled to see the landmarks which his idol Oscar Niemeyer built in Brasilia, he designed his own wallpaper, remodelled several of his consecutive homes, he even learnt the art of silkcreen printing and exhibited and sold pieces of his own making.


Back in Paris since 2013, he subjected a Montmartre apartment, in dire need of a makeover, to a spectacular overhaul where bricks and concrete bathe in colour, shapes and light.

Meanwhile he challenged himself to yet another life change with the same determination as ever, put a final hold to his career, went back to school, came out an Interior Designer and created Daddy Said No.


With the personality of a rigourous and caring adult, and that of an air-headed daredevil child, this passionate self-taught artist works endlessly to create serene places where openness, emotion and well-being are no small thing.

He lives and works in Paris and still retreats quite often to the Nismes region as well as Portugal.

Christophe Antunes

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