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NEW BUILD, South of France

 09   /   2019

Colour scheme, layout and coverings for this 2019 new build in the South of France.

Daddy Said No was missionned upon completion of the house with providing a full colour scheme, advice on wall and floor coverings and a variety of tips on space layout, furniture and furnishings. The house is set in the Gard country in France, Languedoc.

The generous open-plan living space allowed us to adopt a strong, dark and neutral colour scheme on walls and the kitchen, which in turn highlights and accentuates the spacious proportions altogether broken down into smaller zones. Reclaimed pallet wood was salvaged and used as wall covering on multiple sections of the house to provide the warmth this beautiful home deserves. 

The floating stairs are made of solid oak planks fixed onto a central metal beam.

As a result we now have an energetic, open and warm place; industrial looks with a sense of affirmation for simplicity, somewhere for users to be themselves.