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Daddy Said No is the adventure I led myself into out of determination, defiance and hard work. I am each of the following characters…

The bullheaded child

An air-headed dreamer to whom anything other than shapes and colours struggled to make sense at all, in whose eyes the intangible contours of ideas and concepts or the inflexible rules found little grace.

A little boy turned young man who assiduously endeavours to deconstruct constraint and circumvent norm, in fun ways.

A grown-up who made it to his dream job through discrete irreverence, resolute disobedience and benevolent transgression.


The wide-eyed enthusiast

As a child I could easily be awe-struck by a façade, a building. I was fascinated by the diversity of looks and designs which came with shops, houses, streets, décors. Volumes and lights spoke books to me. I was often bewildered by spaces which felt right, as well as taken aback by places where I found myself ill-at-ease because they were equally ill-designed for their use and users.

I gradually developped what was an innate intuition for space, into what started at the age of eleven as a prolific and insistent series of drawings and floorplans of places which, to me, meant fluidity, spontaneity of use, well-being.


The inclined, seasoned prefessional

Along the path originally laid out for me, which I re-routed, I gained and now treasure the openness to and inclusion of all things diverse, together with the spirit of rigourous execution and precision which were instilled in my young years and turned out to be requisites in my twenty years of experience.

As a side-hobby derived from my inalienable passion, I ended up acting outside my day-job as an advisor on various renovation and interior layout projects in both France and the UK. I rapidly found the fortunate support from close friends and relatives who pushed me to finally do what Daddy Said No to : work out a space right for you.  


I design spaces like you mean it, just like I meant it.

I value your project and your vision.

I will assist you in building it.

Christophe Antunes
Creative Director

Christophe Antunes


what does the boss say?