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how we do the things we do


There is much to be said about design and designers. What we can tell you is how we want to treat our clients and collaborate:

TRANSPARENCY AND FAIRNESS (« how much is it? »)

We think you should always know what you’re in for and what to expect, which is why we openly disclose our prices online.

Unless you should think of it as an important thing to share, we will not ask you what you do for a living. Not only do we aim to set the grounds for clear and open communication free from interferences regarding cost, we want you to feel comfortable and assured that you are being treated fairly.

CURIOSITY AND DIALOGUE (« what time do you come home? »)

As set out above, we will not ask for your occupation, however we will be asking numerous other questions.

Only through an interrogation may we achieve the level of knowledge and understanding necessary to give you what you need.

Your working hours and daily commute time, as well as your quotidian habits and leasurly engagements will allow us to draw a clear picture of how you live in and use the space you have entrusted us with. After all if you very seldomly turn your TV on but own an incredibly large collection of shoehorns gathered through your many voyages, knowing such detail may prevent some timeconsuming mishaps.

SKETCHES AND DRAWINGS (« hello? anyone here? »)

In order to offer viable and well-adapted layout proposals, we retreat to our little factory of shapes and colours.

You will not witness the sight of our floors littered with countless sketches, drafts, striken-through blueprints while our brains overheat, but we promise to work thoroughly on finding the best possible layouts for you. This phase is a long one, we want to be careful about what we offer and its feasability so we will agree with you on the best reasonable delivery time for your proposals to finally reach you. 

INTERACTION AND CONCERTATION (« let’s talk, shall we ? ») 

The client is king in their castle, you dictate. We may hold your hand a bit though.

As the time to present layout proposals arises, in the shape of floorplans, 3D renderings, technical specifications, bespoke fitted furniture, we will engage in a frank and honnest exchange of views and preferences. We aim to please and we are not angered easily, so we will always revise our offer in accordance with your opinion.


OPTIONS AND PICKINGS (« fastidious and precise »)

We will do everything in our power to turn selecting every covering and equipment or appliance into a walk in the park for you.

Your wish is our command. When it comes to good taste and combinations of ensembles, no diktat is valid enough to contravene choices you may have made or the one thing you set your heart on, there is only honnest and kind advice. We will work hand in hand towards listing every colour, wallpaper, tile, flooring, taps, switches, you name it… we will proactively propose mood boards, inspiration boards and suggest alternatives if you need them. Ultimately you decide.

HANDSHAKES AND COUNTDOWN (« let’s do this, ready? »)

Let’s face it, the uncanny case of the remarkable leaning Tower of Pisa is exceptional. Yet, truly, good planning and good execution are no small part in a succesful design.

One unfortunate choice of craftsman and all is broken, dreams shattered. We will help you select, or will even propose in cases, competent professionals, qualified contractors, talented people who can deliver on the promises made. Quotes and final decisions will undergo your final approval.

PROJECT PLANNING AND DELIVERY (« are we there yet ? »)

We have an eye for detail, and we don’t let go until we are satisfied. Never.

Supervising the works of numerous contractors on your site is understandably tedious for many. So you may want to pass the baton to us, and we will gladly take it.

We can project manage your construction/renovation, inspect the worksite regularly and provide you with periodic reports, right until we hand the keys back to you.

Do not think though that we will let you off, we will require your presence on site following a pre-agreed calendar but we will assist you in decrypting the ongoings every step of the way.  


We have it at heart to facilitate the use of volumes, to ensure walls do not turn into barriers, to free the user be it in living space, working space or public space.

We will take you through the unremarkable yet complex process of delivering a remarkable place. We value candour, openness and trust.